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General Health Assessments

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What is a general health assessment?

A range of simple medical checks to get an instant overview of your current health.

Health assessments will provide you with an excellent opportunity to prevent and highlight health issues in their early stages.

It is vital to have a good awareness and understanding of your current health status. A general health assessment can offer you peace of mind in knowing that you are on the right track.

General health assessment at the Fitzrovia Hospital

General health assessment

Our General Health Assessment is a very simple, non-invasive and cost effective way to gain a clear overview of your current general health. You will have access to advice on how best to manage your health in the future and if necessary, referrals can be made to further investigate any conditions identified.

Please see what our General Health Assessments include on the right hand side. A more comprehensive health assessment can also be arranged. Please contact us to discuss your specific concerns and we can adjust the range of medical assessments to also focus on these areas.

Our General Health Assessment takes between 30 – 40 minutes and will include the following investigations and checks.
  • • Medical History Questionnaire
  • • Blood checks: Cholesterol (HDL and LDL) and Glucose (sugar Levels)
  • • BMI – Height and Weight calculation
  • • Oxygen Saturation
  • • Blood Pressure reading
  • • Spirometry (Lung function testing)
  • • ECG (Simple test to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity)
Assessment price = £220

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