Dr Tzvetanka Ivanova-Stoilova
Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine
Dr Tzvetanka Ivanova-Stoilova fitzrovia hospital

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova has got dual accreditation as a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine. She has completed a PhD in microcirculatory and systemic haemodynamic changed during ketamine anaesthesia.

She has been working full time in Pain medicine for the last 20 years. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova served as Director of Pain Management service of Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Newport for 10 years. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova has established the first in the UK multidisciplinary pain service for patients with painful diabetic neuropathies. She committed her professional skills in comprehensive diagnosis and focused treatment of patients with medically unexplained pain originated from complex myogenic neuropathic syndromes. Expertly guided pharmacological management, including topical preparations such as 5% Lidocaine and 8% Capsaicin, and novel analgesics has complemented her expertise.

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova helps patients with Fibromyalgia and Long Covid by thorough clinical assessment, pharmacological optimisation, focal interventional treatment and re-ablement coaching.

She lectures nationally and internationally and is an author of more than 65 publications.

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova is Course Director of  Post Graduate Diploma and MSc in Pain Management for the University of South Wales.

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova is on the Board of Medical Expert witnesses, and she sees Clients for Medical Reports.

Within the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plans for patients with persisting pain, Dr Ivanova-Stoilova performs the following interventional treatments:

  1. Full scope of spinal injections, including radiofrequency denervation to facet and sacro-iliac joints
  2. Full scope of interventional treatment for pelvic pain, including pudendal nerve blocks, coccygeal and ganglion impar blocks
  3. Botulinum toxin treatment for migraine prophylaxis
  4. Local anaesthetic blocks to chest wall, abdomen and paraspinal muscles for intractable chest and abdominal pain
  5. Pulsed radiofrequency and ablative radiofrequency to peripheral nerves and spinal nerves, including patients with limb amputations, painful diabetic neuropathy, surgical pain after knee and hip replacement
  6. Iliopsoas muscle blocks
  7. Piriformis muscle blocks
  8. Lumbar sympathetic blocks for peripheral vascular disease
  9. Coeliac plexus and greater splanchnic nerve blocks for patients with pancreatic, gastric cancer and other upper gastro-intestinal pathology
  10. She can provide complimentary treatment such as acupuncture.
  11. Comprehensive management, including injection treatments for patients with painful diabetic polyneuropathies

 She regularly publishes articles on her website www.innovativepaindoctor.co.uk to keep her patients informed and supported.

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova has been very much appreciated by her patients and has been awarded with Patients’ choice awards and included in the American Bibliography Institute publication “Great Women of the 21st Century”.


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